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ILASS TLV 2020 – word template

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The conference topics will focus on:  

  • Atomizers
  • Internal flow
  • Cavitation / Flashing / Nucleaiton / Phase change
  • Diagnostics / Experimental methods
  • Numerical simulations /CFD
  •  Sheets / Jets
  • Diesel / Gasoline Sprays
  • Various spray applications
  • Super/Trans-Critical
  • Drop dynamics – drop-surface interactions, oscillations, impact, evaporation, etc.
  • Pollutants removal by spray systems – Spraying technologies for CO2, NOx, SOx and other pollutants capture and removal.

Presentation Types:
– Invited lecture (to be selected if invited by the organizers)
– Oral presentation 
– Poster presentation



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We look forward to your participation and to sharing with you an enjoyable and fruitful conference.