Colloquia topics will include:



Basic and more applied experimentation
on sprays and drops.




Basic physical phenomena that find relevance to systems such as nucleation, flash boiling under
various thermodynamic conditions such as supercritical and transcritical conditions.



Development of novel measurement techniques for atomizer/spray flows; inside the nozzle, spray formation in the near field,
spray development in the far field, and evaporation and mixing.



Advances in numerical simulations and techniques pertaining to
droplets or other dispersed flows.




Detailed subtopics can include, for example, liquid/gas interface, drop-surface interactions,
liquid  jets and sheets



Drop dynamics – drop-surface interactions, oscillations, impact, evaporation, etc.




Pollutants removal by spray systems – Spraying technologies for CO2, NOx, SOx and other pollutants capture and removal.